What is the key to successful
onboarding as a new leader?

It is to hit the ground running. But when new executives feel they are under the microscope from Day 1 it is hard to do.

The average time for a new leader to hit breakeven in adding versus consuming value to the organization is 6.2 months.

This results in loss of money to the company and loss of opportunity to the new leader to build positive momentum. A new leader brings fantastic energy and excitement for change. If this is not leveraged a substantial opportunity is lost and failure is more likely.

Rates of failure in executive onboarding are approximately 40% while the mid-level managers’ failure rate is around 20%.

This does not have to happen. With support new leaders are able to:

  • Be successful from Day 1.
  • Shorten time for breakeven.
  • Take charge and generate support for their agenda.
  • Build coalition and create a highly effective team.
  • Learn organizational dynamics-- the technical, political and cultural situations they enter.

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