New Leader Success Acceleration Programs

This 3-step program is designed for executives and leaders who are new in their role or who want to create a fresh start in improving their leadership and teams. This process is beneficial at any point in the leadership cycle.

Each of the program components below can be done separately or combined.

  • PebbleJam Onboarding Success

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    A high performer who is promoted internally needs to establish credibility and build momentum with his new team. Your company might need to merge teams under one leader. This new executive may not have enough information concerning the new organizational dynamics. Either way, when executives transition into new roles they often feel under extreme pressure to perform from Day 1. PebbleJam Onboarding Success compresses months of “getting-to-know-each-other” into a few highly charged hours. It is a strategically designed program for new leaders to demonstrate their leadership skills, share their vision, set the tone for their teams, and for the team to learn about the new leader’s management style and expectations.

    The 5-hour leader and team-consultation program:

    • Shortens by 3 to 6 months the time required for executives and their teams to get established and function effectively.
    • Reduces costs by enabling new leaders to get up to speed more quickly.
    • Enhances relationship-building to quickly bring teams to a higher level of effectiveness and productivity.
  • PebbleJam Team Coaching

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    Often when a new team is formed around a common purpose, the effort can take many directions. Old issues may be present, conflicting motivation and interests can exist within the group and differences can create obstacles. When a new leader is appointed, a new team is also established. How do we ensure that from a group of engaged individuals we create a consciously designed, intentional and successful power team that is more than just the sum of its people? The main purpose of PebbleJam Team Coaching is to identify how the team will operate in the most effective way, which plays an integral part in helping the new leader’s effective start.

    The 2-5 hour team-coaching program:

    • Establishes clear expectation and agreement among team members.
    • Broadens awareness from personal viewpoints to team purpose and issues.
    • Elevates the team to a new level of readiness and effectiveness.
  • PebbleJam Executive Coaching

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    In today’s culture of impatience the first few months are most critical in the life of a new leader. This time is often filled with unclear expectations from upper management, failure to produce results quickly enough, inability to prioritize and identify vision and focus. In the midst of possible confusion in the organization it is often typical to not realizing the power of securing commitment from team members and peers.

    Onboarding is the time when new leaders can quickly build positive momentum and credibility while they are being judged by members of their organization. Therefore, it is imperative for them to get off to a good start by securing some early wins in addition to building personal credibility.

    The ongoing individual executive coaching program:

    • Promotes successful transition during this critical period which often predicts the future effectiveness in a leadership role.
    • Significantly increases the likelihood of effective decision making and increased productivity.
    • Builds positive momentum and secures commitments from stakeholders.


PebbleJam’s clients are profit and non-profit companies across industries as well as small business owners and individuals who seek coaching to take them to the next level. Zita has worked with organizations such as Novartis, Polo Ralph Lauren, Westinghouse, Campbell Soup, CNA Insurance, and The Suppers Programs. Her international coaching experience includes the USA, France, Hungary, and Lithuania. She coaches both in English and in Hungarian.